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inaugural address, the u.s. drone strike kills three people in yemen. today we look at the new documentary, "dirty wars: the world is a battlefield." >> dimon's sue was nothing like kabul. life is defined by the war. everything revolves around it. in yemen, there was no war, of these not officially. >> the film, "dirty wars," follows jeremy scahill to afghanistan, somalia, and yemen as he chases down the hidden truth behind america's expanding covert wars. we will speak with jeremy and the film's director, rick rowley. >> night rates have risen to astronomical levels where there are 1000 raids a month happening. decades after vietnam, one decade into this war, we have gone back to body counts is our only way of measuring any kind of progress in the war. >> broadcasting from the sundance film festival in park city, utah, all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. hundreds of thousands packed into the national mall on monday for president obama's second term inauguration. in an address many saw as a blueprint for a m
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do we essentially go home and say to them you can't because you are from yemen and all people from yemen are terrorists. it is a horrible message to send the people of human. and completely unjustified. the other issue is there are mostly from countries where it is not safe for them to be returned because the government will treat them as badly as the united states treats them or worse. there are still a few prisoners in guantanamo, the weakest from china, the chinese government. there are some in guantanamo cleared for release. and still held. i don't actually understand why they are still held. they were under the dictator ben all the who has been disposed. one issue needs to be looked at this why specific people are held, and one that many of us have been campaigning on for many years is the last british resident in guantanamo and the united states government has clearly said they want to release him. he is on a list of 65 who need to be released in september but the first time the united states government said the names and identities of 65 of these agencies. we have it printed
. in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula continues to feel the effects of the death last year of its leader of external operations who was response will for planning and directing terrorist attacks against the united states. nevertheless, they continue to be al qaeda's most active affiliate's and continue to seek the opportunity to strike our homeland. we therefore continue to support the government of yemen its efforts against al qaeda which is being forced to fight against the territory it needs to plan a tax beyond yemen. in north and west africa, another al qaeda affiliate continue its efforts to destabilize governments and engaging kidnapping of western citizens for rents and activities designed to fund its terrorist agenda. in nigeria, we are monitoring closely the emergence of a group that appears to be aligning itself with al qaeda's violent agenda as increasingly looking to attack western interests in nigeria in addition to nigerian government targets. more broadly, al qaeda's killing of innocents, mostly muslim men, women and children, has badly tarnished its image and appe
by this hypothetical scenario. there are rumblings about possible retaliation. they have traced this to yemen. do they have the legal basis to retaliate? >> well, i agree very much that there is great technological development. there is an impulse to look for a whole new legal framework or structure that governs that. in fact, we have a very strong legal ring work when thinking about these issues. -- strong, legal framework when thinking about these issues. it is a solid place to start. one of the questions that people ask in the context of a cyber attack like the one you described is -- can this be an act of war that triggers the self-defense that would require a retaliatory attack? some say it does. >> let's ask the general. >> in 2010 in lisbon -- [indiscernible] provided they have the tools and which we have established now. >> so we are you saying that the power grid has gone down, but what about something of a lesser attack that we are seeing now? is that of bombing of factories, we are seeing people infiltrate and election of properties that make that business profitable. >> interesting. l
to be confirmed. the government of yemen says a senior leader of the local branch of al qaeda has died of wounds received last a member. it has not been confirmed by his group and previous reports of his death have proved to be false. this time, however, both the yemen state news agency and a diplomat at the embassy in washington have announced the news. the u.n. has launched an investigation into civilian deaths from from strikes in a number of countries including somalia, pakistan, afghanistan, and yemen. the inquiry will look at 25 separate from strikes including a u.s. attack in pakistan in 2011 where up to 40 civilians are reported to have been killed. in syria today, war planes continued to bomb rubble-held areas near the capital as president assad was shown on television and attending a mosque service to mark the birthday of the prophet. every day, thousands of refugees to flee the violence. the strain on those trying to shelter them is enormous. we have been to a camp in jordan. >> small figures and a vast crisis. every night now, they come in their thousands. most are women and children
,000 to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. also promises more than six pounds of gold to anyone who kills the u.s. ambassador to yemen. both offers good for six months. of course, this comes just months after that attack on the u.s. outpost in libya which killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. catherine marriage is in washington live now. what's the state department have to say about all of this? >> jon, the u.s. embassy in yemen is one of the most heavily fortified compounds overseas, it was nearly overrun by demonstrators in december. while not commenting on increased security for the ambassador. in a brief statement the state department emphasized it already operates in highly. we continue to support the government, the military and people of yemen in their efforts against violent extremism and terrorism. >> our inclination should be to keep people there. but we have to be sure that the government can provide protection and that if they fail we can provide protection. i think benghazi should teach us that if not anything else. >> just like lib i can't tell gov
of their citizenship. because we do not trust the yemen government to be responsible. part of the justification for the drone program is that we have the consent of the many government to conduct the operation. they're not trustworthy when it comes to taking detainee's. it seems we're a bit hypocritical in our views of yemen. as i said, i think guantanamo remains a stain on our reputation. recently, congress passed a bill that prohibits granting visas to members of the russian government that refused to human rights the violations. president obama signed it. in retaliation, the russian government passed a bill that prohibits americans from adopting russian children, and president clinton, before signing it at a news conference, was quite angry about the bill that our government passed. he said -- who is the u.s. to condemn us about human rights when they have at guantanamo? it remains a blight on our reputation and one that we waste and offer -- an awful lot of money and credibility to keep open. it seems 11 years into it, it has become moribund, by god, we said we were going to do it and we're
to be escalating its drone war in yemen with yet another deadly attack. at least six people were killed in northern yemen on wednesday in the fifth u.s. strike in as many days. the drone reportedly hit a moving vehicle, burning the corpses beyond recognition. recent u.s. drone attacks in yemen have killed at least 20 people and sparked protests from residents claiming a loss of civilian life. a suicide bombing in northern iraq has killed least 35 people and wounded more than 75 others. the attack struck a shia mosque during a funeral for the relative of a slain politician. it was the deadliest act of violence iraq has seen in six months. secretary of state hillary clinton appeared before congress on wednesday to answer questions surrounding the september 11 attack on u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were killed after militants attacked the consulate and its protest against an anti-muslim film. during her testimony, clinton faced repeated attempts by congressional republicans to blame the incident on alleged white house and state de
. >> bret: a fox news alert. u.s. -yemeni operation off the coast of yemen. coast guard with the assistance of the u.s. navy there, intercepting a ship in territorial waters close to the arabian sea. boarding a vessel finding a large cache of illegal arms. including the service to air missiles, used to shoot down civilian and military aircraf aircraft. c-4 military grade explosion is. shells. i.e.d.s. it sounds like the vessel was packed with explosion evs and flew multiple flags and had eight yemeni crew members. said to be a big get for the u.s. and yemeni officials. just off the coast of yemen. just coming in as we speak. weapons shipment found off the coast of yemen. there have been multiple operations to try to stop the terrorist element in that area. multiple operation to go after terrorists inside yesmember now. a big stop in the waters there. a fifth straight day of violence in egypt. dozens have been killed. state of emergency has been declared. out of abundance of caution, american diplomats now shutting their doors and pulling out personnel. correspondent connor powell is monitor
recent events what additional help is he proposing for the people of yemen? >> trying to the friends of yemen meeting is looming. we are supporting the social fund development that gives urgent food and welfare need. we are encouraging the government of yemen to set up an executive bureau for national dialogue, and we are also ensuring that pledged funds can find a proper method of being dispersed so they can go to the projects so desperately needed. >> order. questions to the prime minister. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in the cells i shall have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. is it right that a mother and my contingency may not -- confirmed by his minister, her son serving in her majesty's armed forces -- [inaudible] >> the reforms to housing benefit that we're putting in place, and i'm happy to look at the case of the honorable lady says -- [shouting] >> but they have a very clear principle out of their hard. there ar
hypocritical in our view of the yemen. and i think guantanamo remains a stain on our reputation. recently congress passed a bill that prohibits granting visas to members of the russian government accused of human rights violations, and president obama signed it. in retaliation the russian government passed a bill that prevents americans from adopting russian children. and president president putin be signing it, had a news conference and was quite angry about the bill our government passed and he said, who is the united states to condemn us about human rights when they have guantanamo. so, it remains a blight on our reputation and one that we waste an awful lot of money and an awful lot of credibility to keep open. seems like at this point, 11 years into it, it's become more of a, by god we said we can do it and we're going to do it, whether it makes sense or not. so we have people over on the other side of the city that have made the decision that guantanamo is going to remain open. probably seen congress has a 9% approval rating. there's a poll came out last week, where, in addition to
qaeda wants him dead. dangerous situation that is unfolding in yemen. [ woman ] uh-oh. [ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast! [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. >>> u.s. authorities are looking into threats against the u.s. ambassador to yemen. reports that a terrorist group with links to al qaeda has issued a reward for his death. brian todd's got the story. >> reporter: less than four months after the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens in benghazi, libya, word of a specific threat to another american envoy, in another arab country where al qaeda is dangerously strong. a bounty of $160,000 worth of gold has been placed on gearld feierstein, the u.s. ambassador to yemen. according to site intelligence group which monitors jihadists on the internet the bounty announced in audio clips and screen graphs posted by militants. we can't verify the clips' authenticity but the u.s. and yemeni governments are taking them seriously. militants offered $23,000 for the killing of an american soldie
abulahoum, head of yemen's justice party. there's vic toews, and elisa massimino, president and ceo of human rights first. we have general gene jean-paul, and we have rafal rohozinkski, ceo of the general, starting with you, since this is about the evolution of warfare and you're the man of nato and in charge of making it all happen. talk to us if you would, frame the issue in terms of what you see as the challenges, what nato has to do to adapt to the new world. >> first and foremost, we heard during those few days that the future is very unpredictable to let's try just to enable it as key enabler for doing that. our onlied forces today are facing tremendous challenge. the world is changing. the environment is ever adapting, the threat is multifaceted. the risks are there. so what is the answer? the answer is with nato, israeli working on more giant, responsive, connected forces, well-trained, and at joint and combined level and forces, how we do that in a harsh constraint, fiscal constraint in in our point of view, focus on three trends will are related to the panel here. first and foremos
a bounty on american lives in yemen. catherine herridge has more on the threats. >> in the 8 minute video the al-qaeda affiliate boldly offers gold for the killing of the ambassador in yemen. intelligence and congressional sources tell fox the threats are credible. >> it has been al-qaeda centered in yemen which made the most concerted effort to attack the united states. >> though the u.s. embassy in yemen is one of the most heavily compound overseas it was nearly overrun by demonstrators in september. in a brief statement the state department emphasized the embassy already operates in a highly sensitive and difficult security situation. >> i think our inclination should be to keep people there but we have to be sure that the government can provide protection and if they fail we can provide protection and i think benghazi should teach us that if nothing else. >> memory a group that monitors islamist messages also notes one version contains this image superimposed over an image of ambassador chris stevens. >> they were able to kill four americans which is tragic and the american response h
. >> shepard: jennifer, breaking news coming in and word that the yemen any coast guard has intercepted a ship loaded with weapons. what do we know about that? >> in fact, the u.s. navy helped the yemen i didn't coast guard intercept a dow packed with weapons in yemen's territorial waters in recent days. on board were a surface-to-air missiles known as man pads that can be used civilian and military aircraft. c-4 military grade explosives, 122 military shells. rpg's and bomb-making equipment including electronic circuits, triggers for roadside bombs and vehicle born ied's. the uss ferragut helped fly for the mission. the vessel flew multiple flags and had 8 yemeni crew members on board but it is not clear tonight what the point of gin gin -- origin was. >> construction accident in texas has apparently turned deadly. this is the scene frisco, texas, just to the north of dallas. according to our local station there. crews were installing a new pipeline and the trench collapsed. a man trapped inside. officials tell local media he died. more on this as it comes in. this will be the year congress f
abroad, launching more than a dozen attacks in yemen and pakistan already this year. this week the u.s. launched at least five drone strikes in yemen in as many days, according to some reports, the latest attack mistakenly killed two children in yemen. north korea is selling to conduct further rocket launches and nuclear test and at the united states. the government issued the threat against what it calls its sworn enemy one day after the insecurity council resolution tightened sanctions in response to a north korean rocket launch last month. the u.n. resolution was approved with the backing of china, north korea's long major diplomatic ally. china is calling for a resumption of six-party talks in a bid to diffuse tensions. a former informant for the u.s. drug enforcement a ministration has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in the 2008 attacks in mumbai. david headley has submitted to scouting targets for the group linked to the attacks. the group is blamed for killing 160 people, including six americans. he was given a reduced sentence in return for his testimony aga
in pakistan, somalia and yemen are covert cia operations performed without putting american lives on the line. singer: the technology has enabled us to set aside some of the risk factors of sending a pilot in harm's way. so, it's meant that we've conducted a lot more strikes that would have been more problematic if we were using manned systems. narrator: the u.s. claims drones have decimated al qaeda's top leadership while causing limited civilian casualties, but the facts are hard to come by. shuja nawaz: we know fairly well how many strikes are occurring. what we don't know is the details-- who the targets were whether they were actually eliminated, or whether some other people were killed-- because verification is very difficult. narrator: there are no fully reliable counts of civilian deaths, but some critics claim that as many as 30% of those killed in the broader drone wars are civilians and that the strikes turn people against the u.s. and violate international law. after more than ten years of attacks, the u.s. officially acknowledged its use of drones
, an american citizen living in yemen. the white house denied that request for purposes of national security. the judge approved the administration's right to keep that information classified, but still questioned the drone program, writing, "i can find no way around the thicket of laws and precedents that effectively allow the executive brarchg of our government to proclaim as perfectly lawful certain actions that seem on their face incompatible with our constitution and laws, while keeping the reasons for their conclusion a secret." the judge went on to write in her ruling, "the alice in wonderland nature of this pronouncement is not lost on me." let us take a look down the rabbit hole. joining us now from washington is former state department spokesman and former assistant secretary of state p.j. crowley. p.j., always great to have you on the program. >> hello, alex. >> let's talk about the use of drones, which is something that has remained largely outside of debate until recently. i wonder to what degree you think john brennan's potential appointment as head of the cia brings this topic
sent from yemen to chicago as the ultimate destination. fortunately, because of some outstanding international cooperation, intelligence work by a foreign security or service, we were given the tracking numbers or for those two devices, or for those two packages. one was on fedex, one was on ups, and both of them had computer printers that had toner cartridges in them that were actually bombs. we got the tracking numbers, we provided those to foreign security officials in the united kingdom. they went and found those packages, opened them up and both said, no, no device here. we said, no, this is really good intelligence, go back. on the second occasion in inspection, they found it. on the third, the other incident it took them three times to find it. is so what we're seeing is that there is a mast orer bomb maker in yemen who is training others. this bomb maker made not only those two devices i'm talking about, the underwear device is the first one, also used a similar type of device to use his younger brother as a suicide bomber to try to kill a saudi official. fast forward now
vinson's 9/11 -- 9/11, the ft. hood shooting was under the influence of a man in yemen. are we saying we will stop intercepting communications? >> that is not the issue. the issue is whether or not there has to be checks and balances. no one is saying in a kind of surveillance is off of the table. the question is whether or not there is card launch -- carte blanch to do it. >> a judicial function in court has to give a yay or nay. having an open court decide whether or not a person can be under surveillance. >> when the director of national intelligence said there has been a violation of law, how many americans have been impacted? >> when are they going to report them? >> one other report -- point we might want to consider is that there never has been any evidence given to justify this level of secrecy or this level of removal of rights and freedoms that have been constitutionally protected. >> this is important for our national security. there is no publicly available information. this has been in place since right after 9/11 in some form. it collected information that was not attainabl
official telling cnn that a cache of weapons seized off the coast of yemen may have come from iran. surface to air missiles, potent explosives, rocket propelled grenades, they all had markings on them that indicate they came from the iranian revolutionary guard. the official tells barbara starr the weapons were believed to be headed for shiite muslim insurgents in yemen. gregory johnson, a scholar at princeton, tells us the yemeni government claims iran has been supplying the insurgents with weapons for years. the united states has only recently believed them. >>> apple is releasing a new ipad. it doubles the tablet's current maximum capacity. 128 gigabites. that means you can store 100 dvd quality movies or 30,000 songs. i don't even use apps. the only other thing that changes is the price which starts at $799 for wifi only. it is set for release february 5th but editor in chief of "laptop" magazine tells us the timing is curious, given they are releasing their latest tablet on the 9th. apple is trying to steal a little of their thunder. >>> we are learning more about the fire in which 234
be at risk. al qaeda terrorists offering a gold bounty for the killing of our ambassador to yemen. >> brian, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula is telling terrorists they will pay three key lows of gold to whoever kills the u.s. ambassador to yemen. ambassador firestein is a father of three who has been a diplomat since 1975 and served previously in pakistan, tunesia, saudi arabia, oman and israel. the bounty is on the table for six months and a middle east research institute has been tracking several twitter accounts being used by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula to spread the word about this offer to assassinate firestein. on twitter these terrorists have been using a hash tag that translates to al qaeda's reward. in addition to this $160,000 bounty for the ambassador, there is a separate $23,000 bounty being offered to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. the middle east media research institute points out that social media is becoming more and more popular with these terrorists because the forums they had been using on-line are being shut down and this news about a bounty on
that al qaeda is putting a bounty on the head of our ambassador to yemen. a new audio file is circulating via twitter offering a reward to anyone who kills the u.s. ambassador who is jewish. it also offers cash for killing american soldiers. catherine herridge has details from washington. is this threat authentic, catherine, do we know? >> reporter: thank you, jon. good morning intelligence sources tell fox news they believe the threat is credible al qaeda in yemen is considered the most active and lethal of the al qaeda affiliates. what separates al qaeda in yemen from the other franchises attacking western specifically u.s. targets including u.s. homeland. this is propaganda video widely sir lated by al qaeda on the internet. state department released a statement, we seen these reports and take such threats seriously. as you know our embassy in yemen already operates in highly sensitive and difficult security environment. what also separates al qaeda in yemen from the other franchises is the american cleric anwar alaki, first american targeted for death by the cia though he was killed i
in afghanistan and spread to iraq and is in yemen and pakistan and other places. we tend to understand that when soldiers go to war, they die in service to our country and we're grateful that they do that. once the conflict ends, we're left with fragile states with challenging situations and poor, weak governments and that's the construct that chris stevens willingly walked into because he understood that as we see a libya or egypt or tunisia or yemen move forward, the united states has to be there. while there were mistakes made and underestimations, we can't reduce it to zero. chris stevens understood the situation in benghazi better than anyone else and decided to be there and we should be grateful for his service and his sacrifice. >> the biggest mistake was putting susan rice on that sunday morning on television with what turned out to be wrong intelligence when they didn't need to go that fast. that's probably as much the media's fault for demanding that they do that kind of thing. i think everyone is culpable here. let's take a break and we'll come back and talk about two more hot button
be radicalization from individuals in pakistan or yemen and other individuals or acolytes in the united states who would reach out and touch somebody and recruit them to go to human -- yen in -- yemen or pakistan. what has happened is the self- radicalization over the internet. today, individuals do not have to travel to pakistan to understand the literature, be exposed to the literature, and to gain some of the information and knowledge on how you undertake a tax. it can be all done on the internet. increasingly, we see those individuals are radicalize, self-radicalized as being a huge problem for us. in the united states, there are a variety of ways that people become radicalized. particularly after september 11, for the four or five years after that. it really is, to a large extent, the muslim american community itself, if you are talking about international terrorism, who has alerted us to persons who we need to look further at and has understood that the worst thing that could happen to the muslim american community in the united states is another terrorist attack. yes, we have our reach. eve
: a success is arabic "pledge of allegiance" in syria or yemen. that would be awesome. no country survives raising the self-esteem of other. >> eric: dodgeball in burqas. >> greg: it would be awesome. >> kimberly: it would throw off your eke balance. would i cover this hair? don't get crazy on me. >> eric: talking about muslim in the high school. there are students in a d.c. high school allowed to -- they get prayer time because they're performing well in class. >> kimberly: i hear the chachng from the lawsuit. what about my country? you can't do for one what you can't do the other. >> dana: prayer time for doing well in class. people doing poorly in class need those prayer time break for better grades. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: if you have a arely john that requires you to pray five times a day and one comes in the school day and they are doing well, let them go to the playground to do the prayers, there is nothing wrong with it. >> greg: i am okay with this if the asimilar salt lake city two-way street.
're in yemen. >> you're in yemen. >> my gosh. love jennifer lawrence. >> j.lo. >> and the silver. i thought it was an animated film. >> they obviously had not seen any of the films. >> for tv "homeland" huge winner taking home best series drama award as well as best acting statues for its stars. i love that show. >> it's a great show. >> on the comedy side, lena dunham, she's been amazing for her show "girls" won for best tv comedy series and she beat out fey and poehler for best actress. "game change" based on the book, won for best mini series or tv movie and netted a win for julianne moore's portrayal of sarah palin. one of the more serious moments came when jodie foster accepted her lifetime achievement award. she delivered a touching speech about the 47 years in the movie business and joked about her usually very private personal life. >> now apparently i'm told every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a reality show. you guys might be surprised, but i'm not honey boo boo child. i'm sorry. that's not me. never was,
pick in class -- arabic in class. >> greg: a success is arabic "pledge of allegiance" in syria or yemen. that would be awesome. no country survives raising the self-esteem of other. >> eric: dodgeball in burqas. >> greg: it would be awesome. >> kimberly: it would throw off your ek balance. would i cover this hair? don't get crazy on me. >> eric: talking about muslim in the high school. there are students in a d.c. high school allowed to -- they get prayer time because they're performing well in class. >> kimberly: i hear the chachng from the lawsuit. what about my country? you can't do for one what you can't do the other. >> dana: prayer time for doing well in class. people doing poorly in class need those prayer time break for better grades. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: if you have a arely john that requires you to pray five times a day and one comes in the school day, and they are doing well, let them go to the playground to do the prayers, there is nothing wrong with it. >> greg: i am okay with this if the asimilar salt lake city two-way street. i have a fear of divisive country. no lon
at a local wal-mart. at least four people have been killed in the latest u.s. drone strike in yemen. the victims were reportedly driving from what officials call a militant training ground when they were hit. it was the fourth attack inside yemen in as many days. recent drone strikes have sparked at least two protests this month by outraged residents who've claimed the loss of civilian life. also on tuesday, a yemeni cabinet member became the first to forcefully criticize the drone strikes in public. hooria mashhour denounced the drone strikes and called on the yemeni government to conduct ground operations instead of bombings fromtless the sky. the u.s. declared militants as enemies can be targeted wherever they are found. all we are calling for is justice and reliance on international regulations and to be true to our commitment to our citizens and that they all deserve a fair trial. the u.s. has begun transporting french troops and equipment as part of its part of the pain he intervention in mali. the u.s. is also assisting france with intelligence, potentially with surveillance
iraq, afghanistan yemen and other places. >> we talk about moving to the all source capability. we focused on the airborne layer of intention over the last decade as we operate in iraq and afghanistan. when you look in the computer where do you gather all this data, the space capability, the airborne capability, human intelligence capabilities, cyber capability, all of these things have to be brought to bear in the threatening environments for the future. >> air force leaders for a long time as well as analysts have said that the air force really needs to go to a new generation of stealthy reconnaissance capability to replace predator reaper as well as global hawk, what's the status of that, where are we in developing better systems that give us that freedom of maneuver. >> well, one of the areas frankly we're foxed in is leveraging existing stealthy platforms like the f22 and the f35 which are also tremendous collectors of information. if you look the at the sensor suites that they have on board in terms of electrical optical and signal intelligence, those sorts of things, we beli
this and invading the sovereignty of pakastani, yemen, as so many countries. the united states is acting with impunity. the biggest issue is that in the history of empires, and they have all fallen, no one has had a monopoly on any weapon, ever. predator drones will be made by other people and they will be coming this way or to our bases under the -- bases around the world. we're very vulnerable, and mostly of created hatred. >> when we started our drone yemen, there were 300 a qaeda man -- 300 of qaeda members. now there are 700 or 800. to the operators here, they are bugs buts. >> we have to get a comprehensive peace plan. weeping cannot be the allied air. we have to join -- we cannot be the allied air -- outlier. obama call thus the indispensable nation. the united states has been slowly militarizing, a full spectrum dominance of air, land, s.c., space, a cyberspace. going to haveu're a triple can be shield -- canopy shield. all kinds of war of the world's weaponry as possible. we refuse to go along with any proposals to bring peace to space. in 2006, 166 nations voted 166- 1. the one
the program perhaps in yemen, pakistan and other hot areas? >> suzanne, as you know, the principle architect, arguably, in yemen. he has traveled to yemen several times since the christmas day attempt in yemen to bring down u.s. flight over detroit. in the foundation that i work, new america foundation, in addition to cnn, we track that and we find that pakistan is going down rather dramatically, compared to 2010. it's expanding rapidly in yemen. one strike two years ago and there were probably -- at least 46 in this past year. so, he has presided over this policy. surely, it will be a topic at his nomination, whether you think of it negatively or positively. >> do you think it will have an impact by people who say this is not the way of doing things, going to war and going after terrorists? >> i doubt it, suzanne. i think there's broad support for this in general in washington and in congress. dealing most directly with the drones is satisfied in her own mind and has said publicly that the drones don't kill a lot of civilians, there's a great deal of caretaken with this. bro broadly speakin
to anyone who kills our ambassador to yemen or manages to kill a u.s. soldier there, this is unbelievable. up next, see why the significance of the messages goes beyond just the new threat to americans lives. the young woman admitting to the brutal killing of her boyfriend. wait until you hear her case on kelly's court. >> it was an especially nice moment at the rose parade in pasadena, california yesterday. watch this. (cheers) (applause) >> love that. don't you love that? i love it when the little kids recognize it's their dad. sometimes their mom coming home and they burst into the run. sergeant first class jumping off the float and reuniting with his wife and four-year-old son watching from the stands and the family locked into an embrace seen my hundreds around the world. after a moment the family got back on the float honored as guests of the parade and the sergeant first class has served in iraq and afghanistan and received the purple heart and the bronze star. the end of this week he will return to afghanistan until his discharge date in march. god bless that family. well, a dis
in yemen. >>> there are safety concerns for the u.s. ambassador in yemen after an alleged al qaeda group put a bounty on him. brian todd has dpe tails. >> reporter: less than four months after the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens in libya, word of a specific threat to another american envoy in another arab country where al qaeda is dangerously strong. a bounty of $160,000 worth of gold has been placed on gerald firesteen. targ it was posted by militants. we can't verify the authenticity, but the governments are taking them seriously. the militants also offered 23,000 for the killing of an american soldier in yemen. analysts say the militants may be affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the terror group's powerful branch. >> they have been looking for a way to hit the united states whether the u.s. embassy in yemen which they attacked in 2008 or carrying out more attacks here in the united states. >> reporter: this is the same group that came close to debt nitting a bomb in a passenger's underwear. and tried again this year to bomb a plane bound for the u.s. it's also
of connections in pakistan and afghanistan and yemen and iraq. more and more you are seeing rhetoric out of these people, and that is one of the biggest problems from pakistan. earlier they would separate these groups and one of the time. -- one at a time. they simply cannot control. >> one of the founding members of the separatist kurdish group has been killed. they were shot dead as turkey's government began new efforts to try to persuade them to disarm. >> 3 execution-style killings in the heart of paris. the dead were all activists in the kurdish separatist movement. their bodies were discovered in the french capital. all three were shot in the head or neck. the women were last seen alive in this building at about midday on wednesday. it was only after the boyfriend of one of the victims became worried his girlfriend had not return home but the police became alerted and bodies were discovered. the co-founder of the kurdish arms group. he worked for the national congress of kurdistan, and another was employed by the information center where the women died. the interior minister has co
-- belonging to al qaeda have been killed by drone attacks in yemen. to see. now where activists are reporting heavy clashes in the capital. -- to syria now. a rocket hit an area that has been under bombardment for the last two months. meanwhile, the rebels are advancing on colombo airport. we have seen fighters capturing a government military base near the airport. weapons seized used by assaad forces to defend the airport include anti-aircraft guns, tanks, and heavy artillery. >> we tell them if they refuse to armagh's, we will arm ourselves without patience and resistance. we will be victorious. with these weapons captured, we will defeat assaad. >> government forces killed more on saturday, many of them women and children. al-jazeera manage to find some of those who were there. >> we were playing at our house. i was injured by the shrapnel. >> this is the terrorists. where is the humanity? assaad says he is killing terrorists. this was my children's bedroom. >> the bombardment of syria continues. they say they are using a new kind of misfile. we report from the northern province. >> a vill
against armed militants in countries including pakistan, afghanistan and yemen. the u.n. special repertoire on human rights and counterterrorism announces that the inquiry will focus on the civilian impact of the use of drones and other forms of targeted killing. it will do a critical examination of civilian casualties with a view to making recommendations to the u.n. general assembly. pakistanis are growing increasingly critical of the attacks. they claim they are a violation of their country's sovereignty and have killed many civilians. a spokesperson for the pakistani foreign ministry welcomes the move by the u.n. >> pakistan, as you rightly pointed out, along with other like-minded countries had called for examining, among other things, the targeted killings, including drone strikes, particularly when they result in the deaths of civilians and noncombatants. >> the u.s. government considers drone attacks covert operations and refuses to disclose detailed information on them. >>> vietnam's communist party is marking 40 years since the paris peace accords which ended direct mil
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